Nevermind Coming to See Us Play

In late 1991, my band got a small — yet decent — gig with two other local bands. We were excited to play a show which promised to have a good turnout with a lot of energy. 

Unfortunately, we found out the day of the show that our friends may not show up. It was due to another show just a few blocks away that featured an unknown band on tour to support a record they just released that none of us had ever heard of. In fact, none of our friends showed up that night.
This is a pic of me playing a different show on a different night at that OTHER club, which was known at the time as J.C.Dobbs. I’d played shows before and after that night on the Dobbs stage and, although it may look small and grungy, the walls were lined with signed photos of a veritable history of great music makers who went on to bigger and better audiences.

Oh, and that unheard-of band who stole our friends for an evening? On tour to promote their new album Nevermind, it was a small trio from Seattle called Nirvana.

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