Saturday Night Church

There is nothing like being in the presence of musicians who spend their entire life training for perfection, performing at their very best. Hours of their days have been spent meticulously training their hands and ears for moments just like this one.

They all give a final tune before playing, synchronized with a primary note, aligning towards a common goal of creating the most beautiful and harmonious experience. Music that has never before existed is created in that instant, over and over again, and is lost forever. One moment, the air is still; the next, vibrating strings, and air moving through valves and across reeds creates soundwaves which fill the room and reverberate through the acoustically designed space to dissipate—never to exist again. Only those who are present will hear them and will leave with only memories of the experience.

Even recording those soundwaves will not capture them. It only makes a reproduction of the vibrations that will from that moment forward be experienced only on their own merit. Once recorded, the experience is no different than any other recording by musicians who have long since passed or was played with samples from a midi file.

Each soundwave that dissipates and is replaced by another, and another, is created to be experienced in that moment. I always feel blessed to be present through the experience.

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