About Me

Hello! My name is Alex Heizer and welcome to my website. I’ve been an artist and designer for most of my life. From 1995-1999, I studied fine art in a Philadelphia atelier, which helped develop my skills as a designer. In 1995, I had my humble start in the field of professional design by creating marketing materials for local small businesses and newsletters for church organizations. While working in a print shop, I created page layouts for customers using traditional paste-up and computer-based techniques for both digital output and four-color printed books, posters, cards, and other materials.

As I have worked in various companies and organizations throughout the years, I have used my design skills to create materials which benefit both the organization and employees, such as training materials, company policies, information sheets, posters, and reports. While working as a website designer, I’ve developed all aspects of websites, including design and content, for local and international clients. I have also designed logos, style guides, illustrations, and custom typefaces for my clients.

I currently work as the Production Designer for a theatre supply company. I create illustrations as well as design props and sets, marketing materials, event spaces, and rigging and lighting catalog graphics. Our creations have been featured on stages across the country.

Other achievements:

I placed 3rd in my first comic illustration competition at the age of 14. My work has been featured in the main lobby of the World Trade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. One of my paintings was included in a book in Germany. I was a winner in the ShonenJUMP Bakuman storyboard contest, which appeared in the December 2012 issue.

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