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My 30+ year old Aria Pro II ES-350 guitar
My 30+ year old Aria Pro II ES-350 guitar
I remember meeting jazz great Jimmy Bruno about 20 years ago. His trio was playing at a small cafe in Philadelphia and I was the guest of a friend who was one of his students. After an amazing set, he walked up to me and I was introduced by my friend. Jimmy gave a very warm handshake and said “I’ve heard a lot about you and was wanting to meet you!” 

Sometimes, it’s good to look back and appreciate your blessings. I’m proud to have had my experiences as a guitarist and have people like Jimmy Bruno as excited to meet me as I was to meet him.

BELARUS: Maimuna breaks World Record at Eurovision 2015!!

Amazingly fast technique!

Eurovision Ireland

Maimuna breaks World Record! Photo: YouTube Maimuna breaks World Record! Photo: YouTube

STOP PRESS! Belarus’ Maimuna Murasjko HAS BROKEN A WORLD RECORD this afternoon at the Eurovision Press Centre!!

Fresh off the stage from rehearsing at the Wiener Stadthalle, Belarusian violinist Maimuna broke the world record for the fastest violin playing during her press conference this afternoon. Here she is claiming the world record – and we think you’ll agree, it’s amazing! Very well done Maimuna! Congratulations!

Video courtesy of our friends at ESCKAZ.

Here is the previous World Record holder David Garrett gaining his title in 2008 – also very impressive!

Maimuna will be taking to the stage on May 19th with fellow artist Uzari as they sing “Time” for Belarus.

With a world record under their belts, do Maimuna and Uzari have what it takes to bring Belarus into their 3rd consecutive Eurovision final? Can Belarus claim a world record AND their first ever…

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Smooth Groove

Last night I had the pleasure of taking in Ida McBeth at The Blue Room, in Kansas City’s historic jazz area, 18th & Vine. This venue is a part of the American Jazz Museum, and is at the heart of what was, arguably, the beginnings of jazz music itself.

Stepping into the joint was like stepping back into the past, where your host greets you wearing a dapper fedora he’s worn for the last 50 years and escorts you to the best seat in the house. The variety of attendees in the intimate crowd was a testament to the continued vibrancy of the music that gave birth to what evolved into the current Top40 offerings, with young couples sitting at adjoining tables to older ladies in their Sunday finest. The downpour outside only served to make the atmosphere inside that much more intimate — the only thing to indicate we were not transported back into the 30s was the absence of a heavy cloud of smoke.
The band warmed up the crowd with a half hour of original compositions. Lady McBeth took the stage to an ovation from the crowd and demonstrated quite clearly why jazz is not dead. Her classically dynamic vocals traded off with each band member for the next few hours, and we left both energized and drained from the experience.